3 Day Colour Change


"White and aged to black and immaculate"

We go above and beyond for our customers when we can, this job was needed in a hurry but done properly so our client chose Auto Kandy.

Pre -book winter work now for great rates!


"Bookings between 10/2015 and 02/2016 will qualify"

Special rates for Winter 2015!

Just £29.99 per hour labour on all projects! *

Parts explosion


All the ingredients coming together now

EVO project coming along nicely


"Big power comes at a BIG cost"

It's true that any big power project is ultimately a money pit. But if you have an excuse to throw money into a engine rebuild, why not start with the famous Evo.

"All the best bits come from the USA"

One of the biggest time factors on any project like this has to be that all the best bits come from the USA. But it's like Christmas when all the boxes start arriving and slowly but surely a masterpiece is born.

Accident Management Services


"Had a non-fault accident?"


Not only can Auto Kandy help you get your pride and joy repaired and back on the road, but in most non-fault cases we can also arrange management services to help with any claims you have for repairs.

LCD Thermal Paint - Kawafati Nincento


"a rainbow of colours..."

We like to try new technology in paint and throw it on some outrageous project cars. This March we will be showcasing the finish on our LCD paint Fiat Cinqcento. Follow this page to keep up with the sneak previews.

Preview YouTube videos


"Here's some of the videos that YouTube promoted on"

Our full demonstration of the affect

Heat react / colour change Skyline


If you want a car that gets attention and starts many a conversation with anyone over thirty about hot wheels toy cars then paint yours with this stuff. It's crazy watching a full char change with a bucket of either hot or cold water. We have to admit that the test panels we did prior to the full car did the end product no justice at all.

Some our our favourite photos


"Just a few of our faves"