LCD Thermal Paint - Kawafati Nincento


We like to try new technology in paint and throw it on some outrageous project cars. This March we will be showcasing the finish on our LCD paint Fiat Cinqcento. Follow this page to keep up with the sneak previews.

"a rainbow of colours..."

Unlike the our previous colour changing project with the Nissan Skyline which had two colours in the change reaction, from Black to Orange depending on temperature. LCD effect literally cycles through a rainbow of colours as the colour changes. Take a look at the preview videos below or on our Facebook page to see what we mean.

To take advantage of our expertise spraying your car or motorcycle it heat reactive paint or any colour or effect on the market simply get in touch or check out the services we provide using the links below.

Effect Take #1


Our first experiment for this car was an amazing crackle effect on a Kawasaki style green base. As you can see below the effect worked pretty well on the smaller panels.

Yeah it's supposed to look like that!

All over the car we were hoping for a cover like this but unfortunately this time the effect paint / reaction was just too unpredictable for larger surfaces.

Snake skin

Without achieving the full snake skin effect this time, we changed direction slightly and used the base for the effect to try our LCD heat reaction range.