Heat react / colour change Skyline


If you want a car that gets attention and starts many a conversation with anyone over thirty about hot wheels toy cars then paint yours with this stuff. It's crazy watching a full char change with a bucket of either hot or cold water. We have to admit that the test panels we did prior to the full car did the end product no justice at all.

"it has a shelf life..."

The whole project with the Skyline was a bit of an experiment and we really should have chosen a smaller test subject but we're glad with the result. The only down side to a costly paint job with this effect is that it has a shelf life. The colour changing pigment is broken down by UV from the sunlight, we limited this as best as we could with a heavy duty car cover but ultimately the effect has nearly worn off. We are left with a sunburst effect all over with some heat variant here and there. We don't regret it, and understanding the costs and short lived life expectancy of the effect we would still do it again and can see real world potential for the technology.

It was not the easiest of effect paints/pigments to use, partly because our booths are heated and we chose summer time to paint with a pigment that is invisible at a warm room temperature. Getting the pigment to flow in paint form and appear uniform was a trial and error process, and the microscopic pigments don't seem to cover fine edges very well. Luckily with our top of the range spray booth systems we could bake heavier coats and avoid runs, drips or sagging.

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