Pre -book winter work now for great rates!


"Bookings between 10/2015 and 02/2016 will qualify"

Special rates for Winter 2015!

Just £29.99 per hour labour on all projects! *

* Only £29.99 per hour labour on all projects for workshop or body shop booked before 14/09/2015 compared to standard rate £35 on all specialist project work.

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Full offer wording;
Winter offer applies to worked booked between the dates 01/10/2015 and 20/02/2016, excluding seasonal holidays weeks (23/12/2015 – 02/01/2016). A deposit for the first hour labour (£29.99) will be required to reserve your booking. Any work pre-booked for qualifying dates, before this offer expires may take advantage of these rates. Bookings must be for a specified vehicle or job which cannot be changed leading up to the booking date without prior consent. We reserve the right to limit or refuse this offer to preserve fairness in some circumstances. Accurate quotes or estimates require a viewing, client will advise of a budget for large projects. We can travel to come and see your project when required.

Collection & Delivery
It is the clients responsibility to ensure the vehicle arrives on time for the booking as time-slots are restricted. With prior communication we can help arrange collection and delivery for your vehicle where required. This is an outsourced service and our winter rates will not apply.